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You wrote a ficlet I couldn't find on your master(piece)list called something like "The Way it's Supposed to Be" where Mr. Gold takes in scruffy teen Bae. I don't suppose the town librarian was ever enlisted to help the boy catch up on his education? Gold could have hired a private tutor, but the library *was* right across from his shop. And if it gave him a reason to chat with pretty Belle French, well, there was no harm in that.


That’s The Way He Should Go, and I forgot it existed!  Thanks for reminding me!

Gold glanced up as the bell over the pawnshop door rang, raising his eyebrows as a stern-faced Miss French herded Ben inside, the boy’s shoulders slumped in defeat.

“What’s he done?” he demanded, abandoning the clock he’d been in the middle of fixing.  The librarian had been tutoring his ward for the past three months, and she’d never found it necessary to bring the boy to his shop at the end of one of their sessions before.  He and Ben were apparently going to have to have more words about appropriate behavior.

“Show him.”  Miss French’s voice was implacable.

Wincing, Ben reached into his jacket pocket and withdrew a folded square of paper that he held out to Gold.

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This surrealistic timelapse doesn’t show an ocean in the sky. These are undulatus asperatus clouds rolling over Lincoln, Nebraska. Also known simply as asperatus, this cloud formation has been proposed as but not yet recognized as a distinctive cloud type. Their speed is much slower than shown in the animation, but the wave-like motion is accurate and is the source of the cloud’s name, which comes from the Latin word aspero, meaning to make rough. Though they appear stormy, asperatus clouds do not usually produce storms. They form under conditions similar to those of mammatus clouds, but wind shear at the cloud level causes the undulations to form. (Maybe some Kelvin-Helmholtz instabilities going on there?) You can check many more images of asperatus clouds at the Cloud Appreciation Society’s gallery. (Image credit: A. Schueth, source video; submitted by leftcoastjunkies)





Doctor Tucker

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It’s like a dream just came true.   

this edit is exactly what you think it is

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